How To Change Your Logon Screen (XP Only)

12 04 2008

I created this simple tutorial to tell you how to change the Logon Screen of your Windows (XP).

Let’s Begin:

  1. Download Restorator 2007 Trial (Link at the end of the post)
  2. Install Restorator 2007
  3. Got to X:\WINDOWS\System32\
  4. Find logonui.exe and copy it
  5. Go to X:\WINDOWS\Resources\ and create a folder named “Logon”
  6. Paste to X:\WINDOWS\Resources\Logon\ the file logonui.exe
  7. Rename logonui.exe to MyLogon.exe
  8. Open Restorator 2007 and then open (with it) MyLogon.exe
  9. At the “Tree” go to Bitmap
  10. Extract any Image you want
  11. Modify it
  12. Drag and drop it into the equal at Restorator 2007
  13. Save MyLogon.exe
  14. Go to Start>Run
  15. Type “regedit” and hit ENTER
  16. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
  17. Find a file called UIHost
  18. Double click it and type: X:\WINDOWS\Resources\Logon\MyLogon.exe
  19. Hit ENTER and close the window
  20. Press the WINKEY+L
  21. You’re done mate


Tutorial Written By: N0F@T3




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