The new Art: Machinima

20 05 2008

Actually Machinima isn’t a such new art… In the 80s there were moders who modified games, and then record the new modified intro. Then in 1992 by Disney Interactive Studios created a game called Stunt Island that allowed users to create movies by placing props and cameras. The actual machinima started On October 26, 1996, a well-known clan, the Rangers, surprised the Quake community with the release of Diary of a Camper, which became the first machinima film to be widely viewed and distributed.However, this machinima was only about 100 seconds in length.

Nowadays the most common game in making Machinima is Half-Life 2. (and games that use the same source engine like Portal Team fortress 2 and Garry’s Mod, Counter-Strike: Source)

Some good machinima makers are Litfuse Films and many others of course.. For all Mahinimas got to

One of my favorites Machinimas from Civil-Protection:

And one from Lit Fuse Films:

Soon I will make some tutorials on how to make your own professional machinimas with Half-life 2.




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