How to hack an administrator account in Windows XP {simple}

19 04 2008

Have u ever wondered how you could hack/retrieve/change an administrator’s pass without knowing the old password….well it’s kinda easy to do that..if you have an administrator account open and u wanna change the passĀ  go to start-run and type CMD (command prompt ) then a black window comes out so there type in : “net user” then u will see all the users that are in this computer, now u want to hack the admin’s account so let’s say that the admin’s account name is george you need to type in ” net user george * ” and then it asks u to choose a new password, type in the pass, confirm and u r done…U may say “ok nice, but what happens when i have no administrator privileges????” it’s also simple. Reboot and while the computer reboots press F8 and boot from safe most of the computers there is a hidden user called “Administrator”. 90% there is no pass protection , so login there and do what u did before with cmd..That’s All ,EnJ0y . More hacks c0ming s00n…