Solving COD:MW2 Connecting to IWnet problem

8 02 2010

Common problem with wireless networks

  1. Control Panel-> network and sharing center
  2. Network adapters
  3. Disable the wireless adapter
  4. Restart router and pc (do not enable again the wireless network connection! – if you need wlan to obtain internet, you’re fucked!)
  5. launch MW2 and have phan
  6. donate to this blog =) (please 🙂 )

hope that worked for you!!! xDXDX kdmakfndf;a


New Site

4 09 2008

We would like to present you our new site…
First of all it is called “T3CH 4 YOU”.
Here is a small Description:
T3ch 4 You is a website about technology, here you can discuss anything related to technology, from the last update of PSP to the ultimate overclocking guide.

You can find our site at
Thank You!

Windows ported to PSP

21 05 2008

About a year to 2 years before, Windows for PSP was released and emulated through Bochs. However the boot time of Windows 95 was about 7 minutes! Hopefully a new emulator called Dosbox was ported to the PSP, letting user play DOS games with their PSP. After a while DBS (dosbox boot selector) a plugin for dosbox could let users to boot normally Windows into the PSP. Fortunately the boot time of Windows 95 is about 1 to 2 minutes.. The Operating Systems ported to the PSP through Dosbox are just three: Windows 3.11, Windows 95 and Windows 98.For more information visit:,8.0.html

Here is a video of Windows 3.11 to the PSP

Windows 95

Windows 98

All videos made by me!

The new Art: Machinima

20 05 2008

Actually Machinima isn’t a such new art… In the 80s there were moders who modified games, and then record the new modified intro. Then in 1992 by Disney Interactive Studios created a game called Stunt Island that allowed users to create movies by placing props and cameras. The actual machinima started On October 26, 1996, a well-known clan, the Rangers, surprised the Quake community with the release of Diary of a Camper, which became the first machinima film to be widely viewed and distributed.However, this machinima was only about 100 seconds in length.

Nowadays the most common game in making Machinima is Half-Life 2. (and games that use the same source engine like Portal Team fortress 2 and Garry’s Mod, Counter-Strike: Source)

Some good machinima makers are Litfuse Films and many others of course.. For all Mahinimas got to

One of my favorites Machinimas from Civil-Protection:

And one from Lit Fuse Films:

Soon I will make some tutorials on how to make your own professional machinimas with Half-life 2.

DirectX 10 on Windows XP (NEW UPDATE!)

17 05 2008

As you all know Microsoft has only released DirectX 10 for Vista. That was a big dissapointment for the Windows XP users. Also, DirectX 10 for Vista cannot be downloaded from anywhere except Windows Vista Update. So…..after a while, some hackers and programmers managed to get DirectX 10 working on Windows XP. Evethough they are not as good as the original ones, they do a great job in optimizing your Graphics and Rendering performance.

Flight Simulator X with/without DirectX 10:

Download DX10 WinXP:

How to hack an administrator account in Windows XP {simple}

19 04 2008

Have u ever wondered how you could hack/retrieve/change an administrator’s pass without knowing the old password….well it’s kinda easy to do that..if you have an administrator account open and u wanna change the pass  go to start-run and type CMD (command prompt ) then a black window comes out so there type in : “net user” then u will see all the users that are in this computer, now u want to hack the admin’s account so let’s say that the admin’s account name is george you need to type in ” net user george * ” and then it asks u to choose a new password, type in the pass, confirm and u r done…U may say “ok nice, but what happens when i have no administrator privileges????” it’s also simple. Reboot and while the computer reboots press F8 and boot from safe most of the computers there is a hidden user called “Administrator”. 90% there is no pass protection , so login there and do what u did before with cmd..That’s All ,EnJ0y . More hacks c0ming s00n…